Crescer Via Europa

Crescer Via Europa (2014-2016)


Ação chave 1 - Ensino Escolar


The plan for European Development from Vialonga group of Schools aims to extend and consolidate the internationalization strategy of the school. This strategy aims the development of innovative practices in school, and also the modernization and improvement of quality of service provided to all students and educational community.


This project implemented within the program Erasmus Plus - Key Action 1 - Staff Mobility for learning - is focused on the identified needs of the Vialonga Group of Schools and established as a training plan aimed at teachers / educators and staff to develop during the biennium 2014-2016, in a wider horizon that fits the strategy Europe 2020.


We define some priority areas for training, focusing on the use of ICT in the classroom, intervention in multicultural contexts / combating early school leaving; preschool education and promotion practices with students with special educational needs, STEAM, environmental education and sustainability.


The arrangements for training in job shadowing or intensive 5-day courses, are considered the best to meet our needs, since they allow to observe and reflect on the practices performed by other professionals, in other contexts and allows to develop a wider look and draw new ideas and other solutions to other modes.


The Vialonga Group of Schools, had over the past few years, a wide participation in European Comenius projects involving teachers of all school levels and students, which has contributed to the development of a awareness and European citizenship, and has been a meaningful and enriching experience for all involved attendees, with a great impact on the school and community.


Now, we intend that the experience and " know how" acquired by professionals who will participate in advanced training in other countries have a greater impact on the educational community, requiring a dissemination plan is developed along the peers, students and steakholders, and the development of new attitudes and more innovative practices to meet the continuing challenges facing the school.


The plan of training for two years is based on the diagnosis of the strengths and needs (SWOT matrix), which is based on the educational project of the school and the training needs of professionals, to better match the achievement of defined objectives in the European development plan.


The project includes the mobility of 50 professionals to develop training and learning (job shadowing or intensive course with a duration of 5 days) in groups of 5 to 6 professionals in the following countries, France, Czech Republic, Finland, UK, Malta, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. 


With this training plan we intend to provide to the professionals involved, the possibility to develop a set of skills and knowledge through contact with different educational contexts and the practices developed in other European countries, including the improvement of linguistic and technological skills, the possibility to develop new perspectives and working methods and enhance the development of cooperative and collaborative activities, with other European partners.


It’s also expected that training participants provide for the dissemination of the new learned competences in the context of the school, ensuring the sustainability and impact among peers, students and the community.